The Entourage Effect

Entourage Effect

There are over 100 identified Cannabinoids in the Cannabis Plant, of which CBD and THC are the best known. CBN, CBG and CBDa are also growing in popularity and use. There are also various Terpenoids and Flavonoids within each plant. Each of these components has its own benefits and effects within the body; when these various components work synergistically together it is referred to as the “Entourage Effect”.

When buying CBD, decide whether you would like:

  • CBD Isolate -  just the compound such as CBD on its own
  • Full Spectrum Extracts- where all phyto-compounds present in the plant are extracted.
  • Broad Spectrum Extract - where most of the phyto-compounds, except for THC, are present.

Initial research shows that full-spectrum and broad-spectrum supplements often have more beneficial effects, at a lower dosage, than isolated cannabinoids.

Some people prefer to take a CBD isolate, especially if they are a professional athlete,  work in a profession that requires regular drug testing, are a recovering addict, or would prefer a supplement that is guaranteed, THC free.

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