How much CBD do you take?

How Much CBD do you take?

CBD is measured in milligrams (.mg) and often referred to as a percentage of a carrier oil.

Everyone’s body is unique, so it is difficult to establish what dosage a person should take to correctly supplement their endocannabinoid system for a specific result.

We always recommend that a person gradually introduces CBD to their system, taking note of how their body responds.

CBD products, from CBD oils and capsules to topicals, come at different strengths with differing amounts of CBD to suit different people’s systems and the symptoms they are trying to treat.

We usually recommend a person takes CBD 2 to 3 times a day, to get the best results.

In South Africa the maximum daily dose of CBD is 20mg.

It takes 15 minutes to an hour for CBD to take effect and the effects can be felt for 2-8 hours. This is dependent on how much CBD is taken, how it is taken and the individual’s unique system.

Some people report immediate results from CBD, others only report feeling the benefits of CBD after a few weeks of consistent use.